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a weight loss plan to love

In another thread we were posting about our upcoming New Year’s resolutions for weight loss in 2011.    By simply skipping the daily soda pop for lunch, then dropping the sugar from my 4 daily cups of coffee I have pretty much painlessly stopped the trend of adding a couple of pounds per year to my over all weight.  This is the good news.  The bad news is that I have been adding two pounds a year for the twelve or so years prior to doing this and that added weight has stayed behind.  We all know that more exercise and fewer calories in mean weight loss, and we all hate it.  But there IS one solution that I can recommend that you will LOVE.  Hunt more. 


Yep, I’m convinced that more hunting means weight loss. Not only do you have the opportunity to walk and hike while carrying extra weight in the form of a pack and a rifle to burn added calories, but you are also away from the kitchen and its buffet of temptation.


When I was hunting mule deer in 2007, I did a LOT of walking.  I ate all I could hold at breakfast before dawn and at dinner after dark and had snacks from my daypack in between – but I lost ten pounds in a week.  I think that is a pattern I should try to emulate to lose weight in the year to come. 


If you like my plan, you are welcome to join in.

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