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weatherby vanguard

does anybody have any thoughts on the weatherby vanguard? ive heard its made in china but would assume weatherby keeps a close eye on the quality of the gun and its manufacture. i cant find any real hard information on the gun.the price would almost make it worth a try.let me know either way.

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weatherby vanguard

The Vanguard is just a no frills weatherby without all the fancy finishes and wood. It still has the same accuracy claim out of the box. As for being made in China... I don't know but it could be possible. Many inexpensive products are manufactured in areas with "reduced" wages.

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weatherby vanguard

The Vanguard is actually made by Howa of Japan to Weatherby's specs. I currently own one in 7mm Rem Mag and like it. They guarantee a 1-1/2" group. The target my rifle came with was just over 1". I have worked up a load using Barnes X bullets and IMR powder and we have been able to get sub 1" groups, which is just fine for me in a hunting rifle. The gun is well built and I would recommend it to anyone.

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weatherby vanguard

My brother in law just picked up a Wetherby Vanguard .243. It is a sick little gun. Nice piece of wood. Very accurate comfortable. I do believe they are made in Japan.

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weatherby vanguard

Confirmed. I own a Vanguard in 300 win mag. One hell of a rifle. It shoots better than I do (not saying much).

I have a much older Vanguard - it has the most beautiful burled walnut stock with rose wood inlays I've EVER seen. Someone comments on it each time I go to the range. And the bluing is so deep it looks like the bottom of the ocean. It KILLS ME when I have to climb through the chapparal we hunt in. Scratches.... oh well.


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weatherby vanguard

I studied the vanguard a few months ago.

While I didn't purchase one, given the chance in the future I still would because it was at a good price point and I trust the weatherby name (and its good to read the comments by others that have been posted suggesting the vanguard is worthy).

A point worth considering is that if your looking for it to be chambered in a less common wthby cartridge (like for instance the 257 wthby mag or 300 wthby mag) the vanguard may be your only choice in this price level.

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Weatherby Vanguard

I own Weatherby rifles, MKV and Vanguard, 340WBY and 300WBY. IMO the Vanguard is the best value in firearms available to the consumer.

The Vanguard and Howa were a design by Sako, the L61. This design was obtained by Roy Weatherby to provide a more economical, yet still high quality, hunting rifle.

In contruction quality this rifle has it all over the competition in its price range. No drilled bar stock, washered recoil lug. It has a solid bolt machined from a forged billet bolt handle and all. The receiver is again machined from a solid forged billet, with integral recoil lug machined to add strength and solidity.

The competition, MDL 700, Savage, Tikka, Browning, Marlin, all have fused bolts, drilled bar stock receivers, and washered recoil lugs. They all have a reputation for accuracy, but are in no way comparable in strength to the L61, Howa/Vanguard.

I have owned MDL 700's and A Savage or two and again IMO, they all feel rather cheap and flimsy in contrast to any Weatherby rifle.

The Vanguard is considered by many authorities to be the best push feed rifle design, excepting the MKV.

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Weatherby Vanguard

I bought my Weatherby Vanguard about 5 years ago. It is chambered in .300 Weatherby and like several of my other hunting rifles, I restocked it in Fancy claro walnut that I hand checkered in my favorite multi-panel wrap around pattern. I pillar and glass bedded the action and barrel channel, then fully floated the barrel. I topped it with a Leupold VX1 4-12x40 scope. It shoots several different bullets sub moa.

To tame the recoil, I had a KDF muzzle brake installed on it and I installed a mechanical recoil reducer in the stock, and put a Limbsaver recoil pad on it. The feld recoil is now less than a .30-06.

I've used it on a Texas exotic hunt, a couple of Montana elk hunts, a South African plains game hunt, and a hunt in New Zealand. I enjoy taking it to the range every week and laying down prone and ringing the 430 yard gong with it. It has become my favorite rifle.

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I actually just purchased a

I actually just purchased a Weatherby Vangard Series 2 yesterday in .25-06 and from what I can tell it is going to be a nice rifle to have.  I'll mount a Leupold VX2 3-9x40 scope on it and get it out to the range before the snow files here, I hope.  I just found a supplier for my favorite powder and ordered 4 pounds of it and once it gets here I'll start to resize a large quanity of .30-06 brass that I have and start to load it up. 

It looks like it is going to be a fun rifle in the long rung and I'll decide later if I want to restock it with some nice wood. 

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I don't think it would matter

I don't think it would matter where the rifle was made. I have camera equipment made in China, Nikon stuff. The product's made in those country's are made to the buyer's spect's. If Weatherby wasn't satified with it, the maker wouldn't build another. Now if we're talking about some off the wall brand, I'd walk away!

Someone mentioned the Howa is a sako L61 action. I've had three Sako's on that action and an L461. Great gun's!

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I just bought a Weatherby VG

I just bought a Weatherby VG S1 NIB in 270Win. of gunbroker for $346. The test target that was in the box was slightly under 1". I cant tell you how it shoots for me because i havent scoped it yet.

The "tupperware" stock is alot nicer than the stock on my Rem 700 SPS.

Finish on the action and barrel is much nicer than the bead blasted finishes on many rifles.

The trigger does have a little creep in it. I will shoot it and if i cant live with it i'll talk to my smith and either adjust it or replace it. The S2's are suppose to have a better trigger.

Trigger guard is metal not plastic,bottom metal isnt flimsy junk and the follower is very nicely made.

I like the action,smooth,bolt is nicely made......over all,IMO, it's a better made "entry level" rifle than any others i can think of.

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