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weatherby Shot gun

Afew years ago I aquiered a Weatherby 12 guage shotgun called the patrician-11. I was able to pick it up for a song and half a dance. It was made in Japan in 1985 but the workmanship is great. My Question is, can I shoot steel with it? It has a modified choke

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weatherby Shot gun

You should have no problems shooting steel shot in a gun that old. The real old shotguns can be a problem but yours is a mere baby in shotgun years.

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weatherby Shot gun

I would take that question to a good gunsmith.
I personally would NOT shoot steel in any of my older guns “especially if it has any type choke” unless it states for steel.
If your idea is for waterfowl then I would go with some of the new porcelains or alloy shot many are claming that they pattern as good as lead, which steel never did and are safe even in none steel guns.
I plan on trying some in my new 1758 English fowler, track of the wolf says that it will shoot it just fine and safely too.

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