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Washington's good news for 2006

While reading Washington's Weekly hunting news yesterday......I came across a few pretty good articals, but only one caught my eye. In Washington's fall 2006 deer and elk hunting seasons hunters will have an oportunity to take full advantage of every season if needed. The fish and game will be setting up a pool of 2500-3000 special draw permits for hunters state wide to hunt archery,muzzle loader, and modern firearm......under the rules for those seasons. The permilts will be drawing only though.

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Washington's good news for 2006

Don't forget that they have a hefty fee to hunt all general seasons, like $150

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Washington's good news for 2006

yah, I saw that too...as well as the hefty price tag....Sorry, not worth the money. Quite frankly, I think that we should just be able to buy an elk or deer tag, and hunt any of the seasons, with the appropriate weapon. I mean I paid for a tag to get one deer, I should be able to get one deer with whatever weapon or method I choose. But then again, I also beleive I should be able to get that one deer or elk, or whatever it is anytime of the year. What difference does it make if I take the buck in April or in October. I bought a tag for one deer...I get one deer.

I know I'll get some interesting comments back on this opinion...lol.

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