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Washington Pilot Cougar Hunt

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Washington Pilot Cougar Hunt

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Washington Pilot Cougar Hunt

Participation in this may be crucial to have the legislation changed. I would suggest that anyone interested in being able to use dogs for cougar and bear take the time to submit and/or state their interest.

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Washington Pilot Cougar Hunt
The hunt is limited to Washington residents who own hunting dogs that are capable of tracking and treeing cougar.......... The Commission, which sets policy for WDFW, amended the special hunt rules to include requirements that cougar permit holders be dog owners certified by affidavit,

This has been a sore subject for alot of folks and it is too bad that they can't open it to the public. They are basically "Govt Trappers" assigned a job that the average joe has a chance at getting. If you don't own hounds you can't hunt. If you know someone with hounds you can't hunt. This hunt is "hounds only", no boot hunting/spot and stalk/ or predator calling. This is a pilot program that will move into the bear arena as state timber lands continue to be damaged by bears and take away more opportunities for boot hunting, etc.

If the drawing is not open to everyone, it should not be open.

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Washington Pilot Cougar Hunt

Amen, Billythekidrock! This is another example of taking away opportunity, and giving it to a very vocal special interest group. Now if a hunter wants to go out and hunt cougar during the time of year most condusive to tracking/stalking, he can not. They were careful to leave it open during most general seasons so they can still sell everyone a cougar tag though. And, in my opinion, opportunistic/incidental take while hunting deer or elk, is not the right way to kill a cougar. Albeit the most common.

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