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Washington DFW Searching for Kalama River Cougar

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Washington DFW Searching for Kalama River Cougar

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Washington DFW Searching for Kalama River Cougar

I guess cougars like fish!!??

This guy is lucky that he had a heavy duty frame back pack on or he might have been missing his spleen. Either way, hurt or not, this is going to be an experience that this fisherman will remember forever.

I've never really been around cougars, so I don't know if this is what some people would
refer to as "normal behavior"?? But I think its safe to say, "Angler's Beware..."

According to the artical,"This angler was jumped from behind and knocked face-first to the ground as he was hiking out from the Kalama River shortly before 11 a.m. yesterday with a 25-pound chinook salmon wrapped in a plastic bag and tied to the outside of a frame backpack...."

I would assume that a 25 pound chinook salmon would be a tasty, easy, and quick meal for a cougar. So how can we really blame the cougar for maximizing his utility!!

This gives new meaning to the catch that got away!!
Never take life to seriously... You'll never get out alive!!

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Washington DFW Searching for Kalama River Cougar

Getting attacked by a cougar is a serious issue, but I have to wonder if the salmon on the guys back played a roll in the matter. Mysteriously it doesn't say whether the salmon was snatched....

It seems to me if the fellow was the intended target he would not have gotten away with just a few claw marks in his back pack.

Like this guy had the unfortunate experience of finding out...

I hope I never meet a cougar in the woods.

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