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Want to butcher my own deer.

Looking for any tips on butchering my own deer.
Also, a friend of mine said that I can quarter the deer and put it in trash bags in the refrigerator for a few days to age it. Is that safe?

Thanks for the advice.

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Want to butcher my own deer.

Field Dressing a Deer:

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Want to butcher my own deer.

What are the temps like during deer season where you live? I usually just cut it up the same day and freeze it. If the temp is 40 degrees or less (all day and night) I might skin it and let it hang a day or two....I have found that getting it done ASAP is safer than putting it off and then not having the time to do it later.....then it ends up at the butchers.

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Want to butcher my own deer.

I do all my own butchering.I have an 8' x 12' walk in cooler built onto my apple storage.I take the hide off asap,then cut down the middle.I let hang in cooler for 5 days at 34 degrees.

Here's the best diagram I could find...


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Want to butcher my own deer.

I would suggest boning the deer out asap then let it sit in the fridge or cooler. Taking out the bone makes it taste better and is suggested in cwd areas.

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Want to butcher my own deer.

I generally don't worry about `aging' my meat ... though perhaps for a leather-tough old animal it might be useful. In my opinion aging just gives opportunity for unfriendly bacteria, etc. to grow. I would be CAUTIOUS about putting meat in a plastic bag in the fridge or cooler - keep things breathable until you freeze it. Some strange anaerobic things might occur, otherwise.

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