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Walkers Game Ear

How do these things work? It scares me that they amplify most sounds but then can turn off and block loud noises such as rifle reports. What if they were to amplify a rifle report!? I am sure that they have the design figured out or else they would be facing some pretty serious lawsuits but it still makes me nervous.

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They work

The noise cut offs work just like electronic shooting ear muffs.  When I'm on the range with a pair of the electronic muffs they amplify noise below a certain level and cut off the loud noises.  So you can hear range instructions but not the gun fire reports.  It is pretty cool when you can hear the empty shell casing from a semi auto tinkling off teh concrete but not hear the sound of the shot

My 'game ears' are a knock off brand (I cheaped out) so I can't speak specifically about the Walker's brand, but for what it is worth, the amplification and nouise supression combined concept is sound and seems to work well - at least in my experience.

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