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Waiting for tag results

I hate waiting!!!  Especially right after you apply and you have the longest to wait. Its the worst time of year.  At least in a month or so, you can get excited because its getting close and you can get out in the hills.  I am addicted to elk.  





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I'm right there with you. I

I'm right there with you. I put in for my tags back in JAN. I have been waiting since then and have till mid june as you know being from oregon as well. Whether i draw my tag or not i know I'm elk hunting. I put in for  the Weneha archery tag and if i draw it cool and if not I'll get my OTC archery tag and back pack in the eagle caps. What tag did you go for?

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I agree

I look forward to applying for tags, but then I am always slightly depressed after getting it done because it takes so long to find out about the results.  The strangest part for me is thanks to finally studying out the draw statistics more carefully, I almost know exactly (barring drastic changes by CDOW or other hunters) which licenses I will be receiving.  Even knowing which licenses I am getting, I still look forward to the draw results.  On the plus side, waiting till summer for the draw results breaks up the wait for fall hunting seasons. 

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I like all the build up

I like all the build up before the dealines approach.  All the excitment of trying to choose the right area and right season.  Wondering of you are making all the right descions along with try to figutr all the seasons bewtween different state and whether you will be all to pull it off if you happen to draw all the tags.  Them comes the week borfore results come out and the nervouness of wondering how LUCKY you got.

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