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waiting for the spring hunt

So it's winter where i live and man all i can think of is the spring hunt and what it might bring but waiting is killing me. i guess i have the winter blues. at least there will be some good bunny hunting. just wondering how everyone else is doing. merry christmas Think Think

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waiting for the spring hunt

Doing good here in TN. I killed a bear in Nov and the guy I went with put about 10 people on bears. Not as good of a season as we thought but not bad. Next year is looking good.

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Waiting for Spring!!!

I'm in Thompson Manitoba and its -20C been ice fishing but nothing eats hunting. I also guide for Black Bear and enjoy it alot. I got a 6 "9" last june with a Slug at 18yrds and got it all on video. What a thrill. Had some close calls guiding but what a rush!!
Looking forward to baiting and now got my new Moultrie Digital Game cam so ca't wait to use it.
Chris Yes

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waiting for the spring hunt

Have you got a picture of that bear?

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