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VT moose hunting


I am a newcomer to this site and to moose hunting as well. I just drew a permit to hunt zone E2 in VT. It is an either sex permit and I would ideally like to shoot a big bull, but my standards will drop as the week progresses. I really really really want a lot of moose meat and since this is a once or twice in a lifetime event for a New Englander, success is as important as anything.

That being said, I am also going to be filming the hunt and want to enjoy it. I would really love to call one in, but know next to nothing about it. What would you recommend as a strategy? I have a camp on about 100 acres in the zone where my permit is and permission to hunt some other private land, all of which has a good amount of moose on it. So I have a loot of moosey areas to hunt. I am willing to work at it (i.e. I am not a road hunter), and I have probably 3 days between now and the season in which to scout. The season up here is Oct. 15-20 which is about 2-3 weeks after the peak of the rut. The country is mountainous and there is a lot of logging in the area.

What do you experienced hunters recommend for methods? I am thinking about walking the high ground and logging trails (to keep quiet) and glassing the clear cuts in the morning and at mid day and calling along the way, sort of like turkey hunting. I have a couple of questions though.

· Will moose respond to a call so that I can hear it or will they just come in silently?
· How long should one wait, after calling, before moving to another spot?
· Is there anything that you would consider setting up on for dawn (or dusk), like a wallow for example?
· Say I jump a moose from a cut and I can’t get him to come in or can’t get close enough for a shot, and he sort of spooks. Am I likely to be able to work him the next day or is that spot/moose screwed?

Thanks for your help


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moose hunt

As far as calling goes you are near the end of the rut,,,but you still might get some calling. when you scout for the first 3 days i would be looking for lots of tracks on the logging road where they have pased throug,,look for sign,,i would pound the roads looking for tracks. You are right in your statment about getting out first thing in the morning glassing the slashes. Also looking over the slashes in the late evening. Just cover lots of ground and do lots of glassing. When set up were you think there might be moose there sit in a blind area,,and give 3 or 4 calls ,,sit there and whait for 15 min,,then if you hear nothing then move on walk 10min then do the same thing again,,don't call more then 3 or 4 times when calling or you might scare the moose off. If you get a call from a moose then call him back,,then wait for him to make the next call ,,just copy him,,then when he gets within 100 yards just shut up and let him come in ,,he knows where you are within 10 feet were you are sitting. As far as spoking a moose just stay put after spoking him,,whait there for 20 minits,,he will soon forget what spoked him,,then work his way were you think he whent,,if you chase him after spooking him ,,he will be long gone,,hope this helps and good luck on you hunt,hunter 1947.