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Virginia Waterfowlers

The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance wants you to know that we support all groups that work to support the Virginia Outdoor Sporting traditions. We have a number of Retriever groups that belong to the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance. The VHDA supports all hunting with dogs, check the list of Alliances on the web site. We expressed opposition to the proposed ban on the use of live ducks for dog training. An will oppose anything that is a threat. including the current waterfowl study.

We are very much interested in this study, the Hound study was not just about deer hunting, but was about all hound hunting in Virginia. It provided a major voice for radical animal rights groups. If the Hound study was any indication then waterfowl hunters should care deeply about the direction of this study.

It will take dedicated waterfowlers to help bring our leadership up to speed on all of the issues that may be addressed. Only one of our Board members is currently an active waterfowler. Your sport is as varied as any other type of hunting. Duck hunting is very different on the New River, duck marshes in Amelia, the Rappahannock River or Tangier Island and no one individual has the width and breathe of knowledge to have all the answers. King Grants and creek ownership, floating blinds and so many other issues arise. We have been in on some of the discussions in years past, but often it was a case of remaining silent and being thought a fool rather than opening ones mouth and removing all doubt.

Sportsmen must learn to work together rather than letting bureaucrats and animal rights people divide us on difficult issues. There truly is strength in numbers, if we learn to listen and chose our allies carefully. Study are usually some politician's way of getting issues considered that they have not had the votes for other wise.

Please have your groups or Hunt club contact the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance directly at [email protected] or visit our website at

Kirby Burch
Vice Chairman
Governmental Relations

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