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Video Hunt

I am purchasing a video camera mount for my compound bow.  I've always wanted to film my hunts  but; I have never had the luxury of a camera man to hunting with me.  Now, with this mount, I can film whatever I have my bow aimed at.  I would like some feedback from anyone who has filmed their own hunts.  Specifically of any trials or errors that you may have encountered. Or if you have any tips, tricks, or advice.  

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I have never filmed one of my

I have never filmed one of my own hunts with a device attached to my gun or bow. I have however tried to just have a small tripod set up next to me for turkeys. I hiked too far in last year to make it worth it but I tried it two years ago. My bird didn't cooperate with the camera so it didn't work out. Attaching the camera to your bow should fix that problem.

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Hey Arrow hunter,We've been

Hey Arrow hunter,We've been filming for the last two years and love it. My suggestion is go out and have fun. There are lots of things I can help you out with but it would be easier over the phone. You can send me a PM and I can give you my number. I can tell you one thing that always messde us up is make sure you have the little branches out of your way cause your camera will focus on them and your object you are filming will be out of focus.