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Very off topic but....

There was a trailer caught fire about 7:30-8:00 this evening down behind my aunts place (about 3 minutes away) She said they talked to a guy that live next to it and he said he didnt think anyone was at home. But while I was on the phone with her she said the cops and firemen started digging around acting like they found something. Well about 20 Minutes later I walk outside and instead of smelling smoke The smell of pickles would make you sick! Why would it smell that way? I was asking a few people about it and they said maybe it was a meth lab. What do yall think?

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Very off topic but....

Interesting question. I don't know how to make meth, but I did look up some ingredients on google. Looks like the primary reactants are:

phenyl acetic acid
ether (probably used as the carrier for the reaction).

Since the full name of meth is "Methamphetamine", I assume the meth compound must be a "phenyl ring with a methylated amine hanging off it".

So it looks like a by product of the reaction would be "acetic acid", which is vinegar and common in pickle juice....

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Very off topic but....

This is probley why it burnt.
This stuff is very explosive.

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