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Vermont Youth Hunting Weekend

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Vermont Youth Hunting Weekend

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Youth Hunting

Growing up in Vermont, deer hutning is in my blood. When youth hunting weekend was introduced, my father made sure the gun was clean and off we went. Hunting season is a special time for father and son, and Im proud to say that my father did a good job bringing up a fine hunter (me). Vermont in the past few years have done some good things to help the dear popluation. (spikehorn ban). It seems another great way to help contribute to bigger herds is to only allow youth's to take bucks. Right now on youth weekend..anything is free game. Doe or spikehorn. When my father took my hunting during youth weekend, he did not allow me to shot an does.(and there were plenty of times). When I started hunting spikehorns were legal to shot. I think youth weekend is a wonderful thing, but I think rules like this could help the ever improving dear population. Good Shooting!!

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