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Vermont recruiting game wardens

Live in vermont and need a new career?



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Well, if I were 40 years

Well, if I were 40 years younger . . .

I've often thought that being a game warden would be a very interesting career. All that time spent in the great outdoors, being around hunters and fishermen - even if some of them were violators. Whistling

I have had very few encounters with game wardens here in Michigan, even though I have been fishing since I was 4 and hunting since I was 12.

I will briefly list my encounters and what happened:

 * Was once checked for fish on the walleye opener in the Upper Peninsula and told to throw a fish back that measured 1/8" short on their certified scale. It measured a little longer on my plastic scale. No ticket.

 * Was once given a ticket for too many lines in the water. Explanation: at the time, you were only allowed two lines at a time. A friend and I had some of the boys from the scout troop that we co-sponsored out on the ice and we had cut many holes and set out many tip-ups for pike. All the boys were also fishing with at least one rod as were we. When we were checked, we had too many lines total for the number of people there. Since the other guy couldn't afford it, I took the ticket for us all.

 * Was once told that my name and address had to be put on the outside of a pop-up hunting blind. No ticket.

 * Have been checked maybe 1/2 dozen other times while fishing and a few times while hunting. Showed license and they were on their way.

Have never been "harassed" by game wardens as some people claim. I always figure that there was probably a good reason that people are stopped and given tickets. I don't think game wardens "have it in" for law-abiding hunters and fishermen.

The job in Vermont? They probably wouldn't want me anymore.


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I think it's a good job for a

I think it's a good job for a younger person and not afraid to do his job right but it's also a dangerous job if you're not carful but the rewards are great.  A number of years ago a local warden approached a person suspected of jacking deer and that fella took the flashlight away from the warden and beat him with it ending up killing him. This warden was a friend of mine and everyone was very sadened because he was well liked. WOuld I apply for a wardens job?, Darn right I would if I was younger, I have no sympathy for those who get caught doing wrong and think they should add more. I know they're stretched pretty thin at the present time.