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Vermont Deer Hunting Rule is Finalized

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Vermont Deer Hunting Rule is Finalized

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I was taught legal horn was the length of a dollar bill, look for legal bone then shoot. We used laugh at people who missed a shot at "THE BIGGEST 10 POINT", they ever saw. Now all I will have to do is walk in the woods to see to deer a buck, I mean alot of people will shoot and leave. Just think of it this way if I collect all the meat I could feed the homeless. Wayne who does not even hunt in this state, is looking foward to feeding the homeless. That was his plan in the first place. I mean who would auth. the slaughter of hundreds of does, bucks, even fawns at Shelburne Farms, and then blame the hunters for shooting to many spikes. Why didn't he just relocate the herd, yes very expensive, but cheaper then the long term affects he just set-up,(pay professional hunters to come in and take care of the over abutance that will happen.).