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Vermont Deer Hunting Changes Being Considered

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Vermont Deer Hunting Changes Being Considered

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VT Deer Hunting Changes

2004 was a disaster in VT; even a lot of old timers were frustrated. VT Fish& Wildlife couldn't help the two bad winters back to back. I hunted neighboring NY and while it's better than VT it's declined somewhat too. But it's been my observation that VT F&W likes to overestimate deer numbers. I support the 3-pt. minimum not because I think it's going to produce bigger bucks (don't have the minerals in the soil and the farms are now all summer homes for wealthy anti-hunters) but we need to let the deer numbers bounce back a bit. Habitat is a problem problem with the loss of farms and the lack of cutting to encourage growth conducive to deer. It appears that VT Fish & Game is going to try to make up the loss of deer revenue by upping the moose permits too fast...let's kill another goose that lays golden eggs. I'll be at the hearing in Bennington March 30th...we'll see what the next few years bring.

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