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Venting for my dad and his small business

My dad manages and owns a small business. He runs a small moving company and the extending of unemployment payments by Obama is going to insure that he gets gutted pretty good. Since so many people have been sucking off Colorado's unemployment benefits, the state had to borrow from the feds. Thus his unemployment insurance has gone up by 500 percent! That is just rediculous. Just venting for my pops and all other small business owners out there.

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Welcome to Obamanomics

Welcome to Obamanomics...the Marxist notion that you'll create wealth and generate jobs by punishing success in order to reward failure.

It's basic economics that you get more of what you subsidize and less of what you tax.  So what do you think's going to happen when you tax the life out of businesses in order to subsidize unemployment?

Watching this administration work is like watching the movie version of "Atlas Shrugged."

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Bye Bye Mom & Pops

expatriate wrote:

  So what do you think's going to happen when you tax the life out of businesses in order to subsidize unemployment?


Bye Bye Mom & Pops hello Big Box Mega-Mall.

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What is going on with

What is going on with unemployment benefits is simply criminal. Even if you have NEVER laid off anyone, your rates will still go up 400-500%! That's insane! I also have a small business in Colorado, and I can tell you that Colorado is NOT a small business friendly state. 

There was a time when unemployment benefits were based on what was paid into the system and how long a person had worked. I can remember my husband getting laid off in the late 70's and unemployment benefits running out. Guess what? No one bailed us out. We had to scramble and find something new, which included moving to find new work. 

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Just to make sure we have the

Just to make sure we have the story straight. Colorado's UI went insolvent in January, other states (CA, HI, etc) went insolvent much earlier and employer's started getting hit with higher (in the hundred's of percent) UI rates back in 2008/2009. UI is a joint state/federal affair, and because so many states are going insolvent, the feds started a lending program a few years ago to lend to the states to pay their UI benefits. So the CO rate increases (some of which already occurred earlier this year depending on the type of employee turn over you have) were going to happen regardless of this new "tax deal" being passed. However the additional 13 months of potential unemployment benefits certainly will acerbate the insolvency/rate problem.

This tax deal makes PAY-GO a joke. Congress didn't even try to off-set the additional unemployment spending (i.e. debt accrual) with cuts in discretionary federal spending.

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Thank your Dad for me

I didn't bother reading the other input to this posting, forgive me if I repeat your voices! This country was built on the small business concept. Did Paul Revere work for the U.S. government? Heck, did he work for the British?

Nope, old Paul worked for himself. What we call here a self made man. Something all previous generations of Americans have ALWAYS appreciated. The newer generations??? I'm starting to believe that many want, without any sacrifice, none!

Here's a very very small lesson in small business and the American people. Here goes: Most people who work in the private (non government) sector work for SMALL BUSINESSES! That's a fact Jack!

Now, our president says we should tax those upper 2% and make them pay for the masses who pay ZERO taxes (40%, check my facts). These hard working, enterprising Americans do not deserve to have to pay for Joe who's too freakin' lazy to really work. Our government's response? Tax those upper income people more!!

Now, (listen closely now!!) Mr Businessman gets a tax increase of $35,000. a year. He has 12 employees now, making 20k per year. Wanna know what a smart businessman does?

Just what I would. Fire two men and sell the trucks they used to do their jobs. See simple! Simple for mr Businessman to have less business, less employees and less expenses.\\ What else do we now have?? Another, no make that two more, Obama disciples wanting something for nothing! Tax those bast**ds more! Extend my unemployment!! Where do I vote?

Do we need another lesson??   Confused

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It's really quite simple.  The world economies most in trouble right now are Western democracies that have embraced Socialism.  The economies on the rise are those who have been rejecting Socialism/Communism in order to embrace capitalism.

You can't grow an economy by suffocating the engine that drives it.  This is turning into a self-licking ice cream cone.  Tax the businesses into bankruptcy to provide unemployment benefits, and now you have more people unemployed...which means you have to raise unemployment insurance rates...which puts more businesses under...which creates more unemployed people...

The only way out of this is to make America the place to do business.  But I can't see that happening when we have an administration that views profit like the Taliban views porn.

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Smacking forehead

We've watched socialism fail in other nations and in many cases spent billions to assist it in doing so. only to have it embraced by politicians in our own country who werent watching!

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unemployment benefits

Maybe we'd have far less people sucking off of the unemployment hose if Americans today would just realise that sometimes after you've lost a job you have to take a cut in pay when finding a new job and also make some adjustments to your lifestyle until you can get back to good.  Too many people today want to make the same if not more than what they were making on their last high paying job and are simply unwilling to take a lesser job for less pay, even if it is a foot in the door to a new company.  I hate talking about this stuff and I hate making this type of comment, but the truth is the truth.  I know it's a hard pill to have to swollow and nobody wants to have to do it, and it really sucks, but sometimes you have to do it if you want to work and get back on your feet.  Just my .02 cents.

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