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Velvet Antlers

I tried to post a couple of pictures in a reply on how to preserve velvet on antlers.  Since I had already done a reply, it would not let me post pictures.  Sooooo, here goes with a new forum topic. 

I just wanted to post a picture or two of a couple of animals I've taken in the velvet and how they can be mounted, either with or without the velvet.

The first is my moose taken in Alaska.  As you can see, he was in the velvet.  We went to a car wash and power washed all the velvet off.  It ended up being pretty white.  My taxidermist stained it the color you see in the finished product.

The next animal is a small mule deer I took last fall.  I didn't even keep those antlers.

The final animal is a caribou I took in Alaska many years ago.  I wanted it to look just like it did when I got it, so I had the taxidermist inject formaldehyde into the velvet.  Hope you enjoy these.

John and Dave with my moose.jpg
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Some great animals in there

Some great animals in there Arrow!!!

I would love to go after the caribou someday!

Thanks for sharing!!!!

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Great pictures. That caribou

Great pictures. That caribou looks great in full velvet, itmust have been tough getting him out without tearing it up. A friend of mine's nephew killed a high country buck a few years ago and after we carefully got the head tied on his pack we headed out with him in the middle. We carried the meat and him just the head and horns so he could maneuver through the branches and we could watch to help. After we got to the truck he just sat in the back and held it as we drove the 2 hours home just to make sure it wouldn't rub on anything.

I've never seen a moose mounted still in velvet that would've been cool but it still looks great the way you had it done.

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Great pics Arrow. I like the

Great pics Arrow. I like the velvet on them. I shot a spike in velvet once during BP season in NY but my father got a nice 6 point years ago in NY in Velvet, I only wish those antlers were still around. Congrats on your's, very nice. Thumbs up

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