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The Vang verdict is in...

Chai Vang will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility for parole for killing six deer hunters and wounding two in western Wisconsin.

After an emotional hearing, Judge Norman Yackel sentenced Vang, 37, to life-plus-five-years in prison on each of the six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and 65 years in prison for each of the three counts of attempted homicide. The judge described the shootings as a "horrific event" and an "ambush."

Vang shot the hunters in Sawyer County last November when they confronted him for trespassing.

A jury rejected Vang's claim that a hunter shot at him first and he acted in self-defense. All but one of the hunters was unarmed, and four were shot in the back. One of the survivors was shot a second time after he'd been wounded and Vang saw he was still alive.

At Tuesday's sentencing, family members told the judge about the lives of their loved ones. Wives, brothers, mothers, children, uncles, and friends of the victims all spoke. All asked the judge to give Vang the harshest sentence possible, not because it would take away their pain but because it wouldn't allow Vang to hurt anyone else.

Vang also addressed the court. During his sometimes rambling statement to the court, he never took responsibility for the shootings and he didn't apologize to the victims' families. He said his family, too, is losing a loved one. He also said his actions should be looked at as a lesson for everyone to get along.

"I hope that every one of you learn something from this tragedy -- learn how to live better, peace with one another, treat better with one another. I hope that all of you learn something from this," he said.

Vang's attorneys said after the sentencing they would begin filing the paperwork for an appeal.

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The Vang verdict is in...

Evil! i would like vang to say the same thing in prison. to some badass vic. oh cant we all just get along Evil!

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The Vang verdict is in...

I thought it was rather insensitive of the landowners for not posting "No Trespassing" signs in Vang's native language. (Hmong)


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The Vang verdict is in...

They should have let the family members of the victims have a say for the sentence.
That is one very unhealthy person.
It a shame that the criminal have more rights than the victims. He judged the people he killed. Let him be judged by the families that he took from.

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The Vang verdict is in...

i think he should have got what he gave.that way we as taxpayers would not be paying for him the rest of his MISERABLE life.just my opnion!! Evil! Evil!

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The Vang verdict is in...

I'd second that! That's guy should not be alive Evil!

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