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Valmet 412S

There was a recent posting mentioning combination guns so I thought I'd post this info. The combination SG / rifle I own happens to be a Valmet model 412S, a gun they originally marketed as a "shooting system" as you could also add double SG barrels and double rifle barrels to the same frame (receiver) to make a system capable of any type hunting there was to do.

Combination barrels had a .223, .308, 30/06 or 9.3x74 chambering underneath a 12 ga barrel. (there may have been other rifle chamberings as well). The double shotgun barrels came in a couple different lengths, chokes and chamber lengths and later on also had changeable choke tubes.
The double rifle barrels were just that, normally 24" and chambered in .308, 30/06 and 9.3x74 (there may have been other chamberings). 
My Gun happens to have one barrel set that's a 12ga over top of .308 and is 24" long. I also have a double shotgun set that's 28" long, choked full & mod and with 2 3/4" chambers (70mm). (20 ga barrel sets were also produced)  Mine has a single selective trigger with the selector being located on the trigger itself. I also was able to find the pretty rare specially made scope mount that fits into the milled slots found on the receiver. It can be used with any barrel set, shotgun, combination or double rifle.
This rifle is of excellent quality and Valmet was owned by Tikka at the time my gun was produced in Finland. The prices vary, but some type of "system" with one barrel set should be priced around $1,200. and a gun with multiple sets of barrels, accordingly higher.
I'm a big fan of this gun and mine has taken venison in places as varied as Maine and North Carolina. I'd really like to add a set of double rifle barrels in 9.3x74 to my "system". 
I'll try to get some photos posted later, likely in the photo section. 
For now, here's an add advertising a Valmet 412 for sale:

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