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VA Sunday hunting ban

I wanted to pass this along to all that are interested. Its a petition on Sunday hunting. A bunch of us at are working to get the Sunday hunting ban over turned. This would be a great benefit for all sportman and women in VA and around the country that want to hunt Va that won't due to the ban. Currently 8 states, all east coast, have laws banning Sunday hunting. We are also working this same issue in NC. So please take a few moments and fill out the quick patition. If you reside in one of the other 8 states and are interested in working this same issue this is a good way to get the ball rolling. This is the first online petition we have done. However many petitions and surveys have been conducted over the last year throughout the state at sportmans shows. All the data collected thus far has been turned over the the govenor and DFG director. Not to mention the 20 plus newspaper articals released on our Sunday hunting ban issue.

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