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using 777

Having a 50 cal Omega, and never used 777. Besides being a cleaner powder to use ,any advice on what the max load might be in an Omega 50 with 777? Any info will help and be appreciated.

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You need to read your owners

You need to read your owners manual to figure that out.  Black powder is measured in volume and not weight.  So if you actually weighed 100 grains of FFG Black powder out it would have more volume than Pyrodex or 777.  You just need to work up the loads for your rifle and not depend on what works in somebodys elses ML. 

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In my TC Omega I used 110

In my TC Omega I used 110 grains of Triple Seven (1 50 gr pellet and 2 30 gr pellets) to push a 245 gr Barnes Mz  bullet. Recoil was reasonable and accuracy was great. I used the same charge weight with loose Triple Seven as well.

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It's by no means a maximum

It's by no means a maximum load but I like a 295 grain hollow point powerbelt in front of 100 grains of loose 777. Seems to work well and it dropped my mulie last year just fine. I'm just hoping I can get out to chase them one more time before the seasons over.

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