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update on HR1022

Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007

In February 2007 a bill, H.R. 1022, called the Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007 sponsored by Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York was introduced that would reinstitute and expand the ban on so-called assault weapons. It reduces the number of requirements for a firearm to be classified as an assault weapon from two to one. It additionally includes, in H.R. 1022 Section L, the expansion of the legal term assault weapon to any

"... semiautomatic rifle or shotgun originally designed for military or law enforcement use, or a firearm based on the design of such a firearm, that is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, as determined by the Attorney General. In making the determination, there shall be a rebuttalable presumption that a firearm procured for use by the United States military or any Federal law enforcement agency is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, and a firearm shall not be determined to be particularly suitable for sporting purposes solely because the firearm is suitable for use in a sporting event."

On the April 18, 2007 showing of MSNBC's program, Tucker, the conservative/libertarian pundit Tucker Carlson interviewed McCarthy concerning the Virginia Tech massacre and her proposed reauthorization of the Assault Weapons Ban. He asked her to explain the need to regulate barrel shrouds, one of the many provisions of the Act.[9] She responded that more importantly the legislation would ban large capacity "clips" used in the Virginia Tech massacre and that the class of guns chosen were those used by gangs and police killers. After admitting that she did not know what a barrel shroud was, she ventured a guess, "I believe it is a shoulder thing that goes up".[10]

The Bill was referred to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on March 19, 2007. As of December 17, 2007, the bill had 60 cosponsors. [9]

Assault Weapons Ban 2008 bill

H.R. 6257 was introduced by Mark Kirk [R IL-10] on June 12, 2008 and seeks to re-instate the Assault Weapons Ban for a period of ten years, as well as to expand the list of banned weapons. The bill was also referred to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on 7/28/08. It has four co-sponsors (as of November 5, 2008) supporting it:

* Rep Castle, Michael N. - [R DE-1] - 6/12/2008
* Rep Ferguson, Mike - [R NJ-7] - 6/12/2008
* Rep Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana - [R FL-18] - 6/18/2008
* Rep Shays, Christopher - [R CT-4] - 6/12/2008

Urban policy agenda of President-elect Obama

Shortly after the November 4, 2008 election, Change.gov, the website of the office of President-elect Barack Obama, listed a detailed agenda for the forthcoming administration. This includes "making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent."[11]


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Anybody else following this???? It appears as though 1022 has gained some co-sponsors post election. 67 currently.


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update on HR1022

You bet we're following it. Millions of Americans are following this story, which is why gun sales are up 50 percent and the shelves are empty of assaut rifles, high capacity magazines, and .223 ammo.