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Unsuccessful Colorado Deer Draw

Super bummed today. Got my tag in the mail for elk - had no problems with that draw, but I also got in the mail a check for my deer application. Dangit, no deer hunting in my special spot this year. Maybe I can get lucky and get a leftover somewhere. 



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you're not the only one

Even fewer deer tags than last issued this year, so you're not alone.  See my blog

https://www.biggamehunt.net/blogs/western-hunter  over the next couple of days for leftover ideas

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A lot of states cut back on

A lot of states cut back on their mule deer tags this year.  It is getting to the point that if you want to hunt deer every year you need to be willing to try something different.  I started doing this by putting in for a archery tag as my second choice.  Granted it isn't as easy as the rifle hunt and it isn't for everyone but I have had a deer tag every year in Colorado while I have been building preference points for one of the better units.