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Unlimited Eurasian Doves/Fall Turkey in San Diego

Actually good news for hunters in KKKalifornia. They have removed the limit from the invasive Eurasian Collared Dove, so you can shoot as many as you want and they don't count towards your 10 dove limit.

Also, for us in San Diego, which was the last county to not have a fall turkey season, we now have one.... Yeah!!! Here's a link from the local paper.

New game bird rules to affect fall hunting

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By Ed Zieralski

August 15, 2008

Southern California hunters who spend time in the field know that Eurasian doves and hen turkeys have multiplied in a big way in recent years.
In Imperial Valley, ranchers and farmers have seen an increase in the Eurasian collared dove population, with large flocks displacing resident mourning doves and even migratory flocks of mourning and white-winged doves.

In San Diego County, particularly on larger private ranches, hen turkey numbers have outpaced those of toms and jakes.
The California Fish and Game Commission, listening to its own biologists and hunter input, has adopted 2008-09 Upland Game Bird regulations that will affect fall hunting.

The commission removed Eurasian doves from the daily and possession bag limit during the split dove season, returning the birds to their status of two years ago when there was no limit.

This year's dove season is Sept. 1-15 and Nov. 8-Dec. 22.

The daily and possession limits remain the same for mourning and white-winged doves, with hunters permitted an aggregate of 10 per day and 20 in possession.

But there are no daily and possession limits on Eurasian collared doves, spotted doves and ringed turtle doves.

Removing Eurasian doves from the bag limit will increase hunter opportunity, as will the new regulation to open a fall turkey hunt in San Diego County, the only county in California that has wild turkeys.

The wild turkey was reintroduced here in early 1993 and has done exceptionally well, but no fall hunt had been offered.

“It is reasonable to conclude that the population there will support a fall season,” the DFG said.

The fall wild turkey hunt starts Nov. 8 (always the second Saturday in November) and runs through Nov. 23. The limit is one bird, either sex, per fall season, opening the option to shoot hens. There's no change in the spring hunt. The season opens as usual on the last Saturday in March and extends 37 consecutive days, with bearded turkeys only, three bearded turkeys per hunter, per season.

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