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units 88,89,95 CO

looking at sticking one with a bow this year. anybody have expirence up there. went last year but blew 2 stalks on 5 bucks Brick Wall,) . oh well. thanks for the help.

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units 88,89,95 CO

If this drought continues, you should hunt in a blind over a good waterhole with a good decoy. Spend a few days scouting those units and you'll be able to see what waterholes they are using, set up a blind, natural or something like a double bull before season so they can get use to it and nail a monster. Stalking a Pronghorn with a bow in open country would be a huge challenge, especially during rut when the buck has all of his girlfriends with him.
Goatalopes can see 320 degrees out of 360, so the only thing they can't see is directly behind their head. Add to that 8X power eyes and you have a very difficult stalk a head of you.

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