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Unit 61 Colorado - w/ Recurve Bow 2011

Hey Guys, 

I'm looking to do a trophy hunt in unit 61 this year for archery and I'm wanting to get some insight from somebody who's hunted there. Currently I have 11 pref points and I'll be sending in for 2011. After looking at the stat's from last year, I should get a tag, but we'll see. 

What I'm looking for is just some general info on the unit and how the elk hunting is. I'm in very good shape and am planning on backpacking in quite a ways and hunting from there. I don't need any info on how to camp or the supplies / equipment needed. I've been elk hunting in Colorado for over 20 years, so the how to 101 (or even 301) isn't needed.

Obviously, I would love to know locations, but I know that's something that people hold "close to their vest" at all times... so, are the best hunting locations north of hwy 90, or closer to hwy 141... Unit 61 is 70 miles long, so a rough starting point to scout this summer would be great. 

Also, are the bulls call shy or are they pretty vocal? Being as I'm hunting during archery, are there pretty good signs in the major areas (like rubs, wollows etc) or are those areas pretty hard to find?

My goal is to shoot a 300+ class bull, so any info or tips would be appreciated. 





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Unit 61 and elk !


I am sorry I did not get to this sooner and welcome to BGH ! Thumbs up You can get what you are wanting to get accomplished in this unit. The elk are definately vocal and depending on the bull can be a little call shy. There is actually quite a bit of water and wallows in the area (as you already know you must work some to find them).

The bigger bulls will be in the mid to lower elevations with an occassional bull crossing the top. There are  lots of elk in the unit and it just may be one of the best hunts of your life.

As far as specifics send me a PM and we can discuss this more.