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Unit 501 Colorado - any tips

Hey all, 

I am new to the forum. The last 7-8 years we have been doing most of deer hunting around craig in units 3, 301, 11, and 211. This year we decided to switch things up a bit and hunt closer to denver. We are hunting 501 in the second season. Any tips on the unit and the best way to hunt it. 

Any information would be helpful. 

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get out there and scout if you're going to hunt close to home.  There's a huge burn you should check out.

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I've hunted the area for a

I've hunted the area for a few years now.  There are some elk migrating form the higher wilderness areas to lower ranches and sparce deer populaitons.  Expect a lot of vehicle traffic.  Few people in the area actually get out and walk.  You'll see a lot of people driving the many roads through the area looking for animals.  After opening weekend the area will clear pretty well, but the animals will be hunkering down due to the heavy pressure.  Expect animals to seek dark timber after the first day.  If the weather is cool, I'd work the lower elevations cutting off elk before the get to the ranches.  If the temps are warm, you'll have to head to the higher elevations.  Also, I'd spend your scouting time looking for natural water sources in the GMU.  There are a good number of water troughs but few natural sources.  Once the season opens, I've found the animals stay away from the artificial watering holes.  Hope this helps.

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