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Unit 481 6x6 bull!

Well went had a semi successful hunt. my friend and i packed into pine creek basin(way in) almost to twin lakes and made camp after a 5.5 hour ride in some beautiful coutryside.

got out the spotting scope and started looking. found 13 cows and one rag horn at about 14000ft. i said...those elk are safe cuzz im not going up there in that scrabble for no elk!

we both had bull tags. we hiked friday and scouted the area and found no fresh sign at all. everything looked a week or 2 old atleast.

my buddy has bad diabetes but is only 165 pounds, from las vegas so the altitude was killing him and the extra labor was causing his sugars to be very erratic 400 one hour then 40 a few later!! didnt want him to die so opening morning i told him "go sit up on that ridge and get a good view off both avalanche chutes to the east and west....i went a few milesin along the trees and tarted still hunting back towards him...

about a half mile from where he should be i hear 2 shots! i said hmmm wonder if that was him?

he calls me on the radio and says "dude i love you!" you gotta come see my 6x6 bull i just shot!!

So i load up the 2 frame packs and head to the top about 1400 ft about camp....30 minutes later i walk over to a guy with the biggest grin on his face, shaking and nervous and twitchy!

he had just shot his first bull..on his first elk hunt...on the first morning! 50+ inchesfrom tip to tip! 6x6 rocky mnt elk!  i said bud that is one ice bull...he is wiiiiide

so now the work begins for me...i quarter the thing out and we star packing it down the avalanche chute! yikes this was a scary trip i must say. 1/4 on gps from camp but also a quarter mile above!!

steeeeeeeep is the best word or maybe cliff describes it better or maybe death trail?

any way we got all back to camp and had some dinner and went to sleep.

i we didnt see another animal until we came down off the mountain. wedneday we went to buena vista to stay and got up early went to a game area outside of town...200 elk in a heard and one BIG bull. had him in my crosshairs at 400(easy shot for me) and was putting pressure on the trigger when cow ran up and stpped directly behind him...they stepped into the tres together! no shot!!

i literally broke down into tears when i got back to the truck... not ashamed to admit it...this was a very emotional hunt for me...it took its toll physicaly, mentaly and emotionaly to the point that i am not sure i will ever hunt elk or anything else again...it was both fantastic and terrible at the same time but i feel like i am ready for a psych exam.

anyway hers a pic of the country my best pal and the bull that was meant for him!



2010coloradoelk_013.jpg2.78 MB
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Really nice elk - and that's

Really nice elk - and that's some beautiful country. But like you said (very well described), it's no place for someone who is not in good physical condition.

 Glad your buddy didn't have serious problems with his sugar yo-yoing like that.


 Thanks for the report.

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A newbie, facing a serious health condition, and with a Savage Lever no less! What cal is that a 308? Fly guy I feel your pain but keep your head and spirit up next year will be before we know it and as long as you keep hitting it your time will come. I had a similar experience last Wed. after getting off work at 11 pm the night before I get up at 4:30 to drive to my bro-in law's ranch for one more last ditch attempt at filling my bull tag which I had to pretty much blow off due to a new job. We hunt on horseback till about 10:30 am and then I had to leave due to having to work again that day at 3. Well as I drive back into Pueblo my brother in law calls me and tells me he's looking at 3 three cows and a legal bull that had been spooked down from the hills and into the fields only 300 yards from him. Had that happened an hour earlier my tag likely woulda been filled. But, oh well, that's hunting, if it was easy we wouldn't relish our success's so much.

Again congrats to you and your bud it was a joint effort and take pride in that hard physical work you did to get that bull out and again, keep your hunting spirit high!

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Keep your head up!

Man, what a nice bull your buddy harvested!  You can tell in the picture that he is sooooooo happy!  That's beautiful country you are hunting! 

There must be more to the story here.  I don't understand why you're so bummed out.  Your buddy scored a very nice bull because of your help and concern for his health, you had a close call with a bull of your own, and you were hunting in God's country.  What could possibly be wrong with that?  I'll come join you for some of those bad times if you need help experiencing it lol

Good luck with the rest of your hunts!

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yep its a savage 99 308

yep its a savage 99 308 winchester. i bought him a zeiss conquest 3x9 for it last year to replace the tasco it came with in 1989.

i set him up with some black hills ammo match 180 grn nosler accubonds! they do a VERY nice job in the 308 for big game...complete pass through on a big muley last year at 188 yards through the shoulder and out the ribs.

i hunted this area with my dad 25 years ago... he and my brother hunted it many times with the friends i stayed with before and after the hunt...both my dad and my brother are gone. so it made the memories come back....good ones yes but it doesnt feel the same without the ones you love to share it with. i have been hunting for 34 years now and actually quit hunting after my dad passed in 02. until last year when my brother died unexpectedly...i said they both wold be pissed if i didnt start hunting again.

i had worked soooo hard to put this trip together and hoped for both of us to see lots of animals...not shoot big bulls but atleast SEE some bulls. i guess the anticipation was too great and that i feel let down. want pops and brother to be looking down and be proud ya know?

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From a tasco to a zeiss...

From a tasco to a zeiss... now that is the way to do it. Congratulations to your buddy. That is an awesome bull. You did a good job in showing him the ropes and I am sure that he is hooked for life. I know that sometimes hunting can really drain you, emotionally and physically, but it is worth it. If you give it a couple weeks, you will be looking back on that trip wishing that you could back in time. It looks like you were in some beautiful country none the less. Good work and stick with it. Hunting will always reward those who persevere. Once again, congratulations on such a wonderful hunt and thank you for sharing this with us.

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ya the tasco came on the gun

ya the tasco came on the gun when his dad gave it to him as a graduation gift! he had missed the last 3 deer he shot at in the last 3 years! so i knew there was a problem. i figured hey he has been my best friend for 25 years...he deserves the best. he is married with 3 kids and the economy in las vegas has been bad to say the least for the last few years. he would NEVER spend that money on himself...it goes to the family... made me feel gr8 to see the look on his face when he opened the box pre last deer season, we mounted it up and i fired it in for him as he had just completed shoulder surgery....then he flew out to sd to go cow elk hunting with me(my tag only) after which we jumped on a plane and flew to nevada for his mule deer hunt! he scored on a nice 4x5 with a 2 inch kicker at 200 yards 1 shot perfect placement. good optics are important.

he has been hunting since he was a kid but in the last few years i have taught him alot about stalking, shooting, and just all around woodsmanship. he is very appreciative and gracious about it all, thanked me so many times las week that i finally said, what the hell did i do...you shot the elk...he stated there is nooooo way he could have done this without me and was all teared up when he said it....that added to my emotional distress. i have always been the kind of guy to help others first and just figured it would come back to me someday...hoped this would be the someday i guess.

thanks guys for leting me rant on...helps to let it out

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I love it!!!  He's got his

I love it!!!  He's got his arms spread wide, sort of saying "What, this is supposed to be hard????"..... lol

That is a heck of a bull.  A big congrats to your buddy, and great of you to help him out and put him in a position to score.!!!!! 

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That is one fine bull,

That is one fine bull, congrats to you and your buddy. Good on you to help him out like that. Keep your head up, I have had the same feelings about hunting after a long hard season with seeing very few animals and not even getting a chance to pull the trigger. next year is another year and who knows what will happen. again congrats on your fine hunt.

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i have 4 more tags to fill in

i have 4 more tags to fill in SD. all deer archery and rifle....just not stked about it...i put sooo much into this hunt for elk that i am just ready for TV season...loli know one big buck will change all of this in  a split second!

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Wow...that is a great

Wow...that is a great bull....gotta love it when a plan comes together.  I bet he is still smiling and will be for some time.

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