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Unit 3 Question

Longtime lurker, first time poster.  Lots of good information here, thought I'd finally post.

After checking the list of leftover cow tags for unit 3, 1st rifle season, and seeing that there were none available, I emailed someone from the DOW. He said that they cut the number of cow tags from 1000 to 500 for unit 3 this year. He mentioned something about a pipeline being constructed and how that might have affected the number of elk being seen. I was just checking if anyone here knew of this pipeline construction and was wondering about that. Since I will actually be hunting in Unit 4, but when applying for unit 4, you apply for unit 3, I was not sure about this. I will be hunting near the Elkhead mountains in the Routt National Forest and was wondering how this may effect my hunt.  Thanks in Advance.

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I don't know anything about the pipeline

Welcome to BGH, this is the second straight year tags have been cut in half for 1st season.  That herd is approaching their target objective, which is why they are reducing tags.  I can't for the life of me fathom how a buried pipeline would affect anything signficantly.  Two years ago there were 1900 cow tags in first season, then 1000 last year and now 500 this year. 

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Yeah, it sounded strange to

Yeah, it sounded strange to me, but he said he was unsure about it, just something he had heard.  Unfortunately I live in Pennsylvania, and will only have 2-3 days prior to the hunt to scout.  I connected on a "raghorn" 4x5 in 08', would be nice to get a bigger one, but I would be happy with a similar result this year. I'm in it for the meat, any trophy is just an added bonus.  I appreciate the info, I always check out your posts on here.

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Unit 3 Question

Can't help you with any information about where you are going, but thought I'd drop you a note to say "Welcome Aboard!"   Hello

Take care.

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