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Unit 1 or 10 Colorado Elk Rifle (Anyone hunt one of these?)

Another year, probably another point, but I'm slowly getting there.  I have 14 pts as a resident and I'm looking to do a NW Colorado elk hunt.  Most likely it will be with rifle and I have been watching points on the early seasons.  Unit 1 is the lowest of the four units in the NW corner.

What I'm looking for is if anyone has any experience hunting in any of these units and if they'd be willing to share some info to help me make a decision.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a rifle experience.  I'm open to other options as well. 

If you can help, please IM me or just tell me what you can here.


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While I don't have real

While I don't have real experience yet my dad will probably draw unit 10 thia year. We both have 17 points and I think you have a chance with 16 but I only want one of us to go at a time for this one. We recently purchased 35 acres up there so will be spending some time this summer looking around. The other landowners in the area claim it should be no problem getting a nice bull. The statistics that came out show nearly a 100% success for 10 and 201on bulls but I did not look at unit 1.

I can't remember for sure but I would swear when we started that one of those units up there only took 5 points. I remember reading an article in Petersens hunting magazine and that's what got us started.

If and when we hunt I will be back to give a full report this fall.

Good luck with your research and long points journey.

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Funny how three pts can make

Funny how three pts can make a difference of 5 yrs possibly.  I hope you get the tag, i'm sure it will be a great hunt and I definately would look forward to hearing about it.  I hunted antelope by Maybell last year and saw two monsters (at least to me) coming down from the north on the early seasons.  I think I'll do some camping this summer in 10 just to check it out.

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unit is 1 is not a trophy unit

It is not in the same leage as 10, 2 or 201. But unit 1 is a high success unit if that's what you're looking for.

 Look at the % of bulls taken each year.  In some years it exceeds 40%, whereas 10, 2 or 201 are usually single digits.  I'm not talking about success rates either.


For instance in 2010, it was as good as I've seen in a while, which should leave a few older bulls for next year.  Hunters killed just 21% of the bulls.  HOWEVER, in 2009 they killed 51%, and in 2008 they killed 55%.  That doesn't bode well for having older bulls around. 

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Good point, I did see the pop

Good point, I did see the pop in unit 1 was only a couple hundered, I think, where the pop in unit 2 and 10 was around 6000 combined with similar ratios. It's been so long that I think of settling for unit 1 but am trying to steer clear and appreciate this type of input.  Also, I've heard that the unit 1 herd comes and goes from UT and could lead to a bad season. Thanks for the reassurance.  If anyone would like to argue this I'd be interested in listening AND seeing some pics of unit 1 bulls.

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area 1

I have spent alot of time in this area and dont see very many big bulls. Usually 2 or 3, 350" class bulls taken each year but 1 or 2 of them are taken on private. The average size that I have seen taken have been in the 300" to 310" class. Just at my job alone I know of 4 people in the last three years that didn't fill thier tags. One was muzzeloader others were rifle. Even with all that I am still thinking about a unit 1 tag just to get done with this points chase.

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I'm in the same boat, 14 res

I'm in the same boat, 14 res points..

I though about hunting 10 archery this year but after scouting up there the last couple of years I'm not so sure of the caliber of bulls in 10. Don't get me wrong there are some good bulls, just few and far between. I have seen tons of 280-300 bulls and a couple that would go 340+.  It seems that by the time october 1st rolls around a lot of the bulls have broken points and some with broken main beams. I think your best bet at a unbroken bull would be archery or muzzy seasons. 

I don't know much about 1 but I have heard the elk tend to move between utah, 1 and 2.


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