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Un-Wanted Help:

Went to the local range  to day and found that there are so many shooting instructors in this town.
I get to the range just after lunch, They are closed from 11:30 to 12:00 for the range guys to have lunch, have about 5 minutes before they are back, go to the range house check in and get assigned position 24, guys on 23, 25, 26, 27 all shooting high power rifles, I assume getting ready for hunting season. I bring out the .243, it is nothing special on the outside, just a plain savage with scope. on the inside, pillared stock, I skim bedded it, barrel is floated and trigger is just right for me. I open the case and unzipping it all the way and lay it on the concrete bench, lay the rifle on top and go back to get all the other stuff.
My ear plugs are flesh tone color and fit inside of my ear (Air Force made them for me) put on my classes and grab a old beatup box that has my shells (Fresh reloads).
As I get ready to shoot, the guy in pos 25 comes over and tells me I need ear plugs to shoot, just ingore him and keep sitting down getting ready, I start to load and guy comes over taps me "did you hear what I said, you need ear plug" I stop look at him (he has nothing to do with the range) and ask him what he wants, you need ear plugs, (i can hear him) I tell me speak up I have ear plugs in, he walks back to his position, As I start again, using the sling to help stabilize, he looks at me and tells me that they have rest that I can use to help me shoot. I just ignore him and keep going fire 3 shots and then step back from the bench. Guy in 26/27 are talking with 25 I go back to the bench and fire 3 more with sling. range master says finish string for break. guy in 25 comes over, says I should use the rest it will help, his buddy is looking though their spotting scope, angle looks like they are looking at my big target (which is empty) I was shooting at the small conor targets, save the big space for later. 25 goes over and looks and makes the comment: He needs to use a rest he did not hit his target at all.
We go down range and I have 3 holes lower left sighter about 1 1/4 group, top left about the same but up vertical (breathing). I tape my target now as they walk past they look, 25 says he is way left needs to adjust his scope. I get back and 23 tells me they have been giving him advice all day. I stop and talk to the range official if I can shoot from between the bench's from the sitting position, I get permission as long as I don't interfere with the other shooters, 23 is packing up. Standing behind the line, 25 comes over and says "I can help you adjust your scope you are shooting way left and you should use the rest. I had enough: I was shooting at the sighter squares and the scope is just fine, he walks away in a huff. Range master clears the line and is standing behind 22 watching that I am ok, Im on the left side of the bench and pick up the rifle then go to a shooting position and start to load, 25  "What are you doing you have to keep your rifle on the bench" Range master walks behind me to my right and tell 25 he is just fine leave him alone. I put 5 shots in the bull 2 cutting the edge of the X ring 3 inside the X ring. put he rifle on the bench and walk behind the line. Range master comes over, we start talking (he is taking load for 25 and his buddies to hear) saying he wishes more people would shoot other than the bench, ask how I do at longer ranges, I go to the bench and ring the 200 3 for 3 and the 300 2 for 3
about this time I look and see 25 is standing on the other side of 27 talking to his friends. He did not offer any more help, I packed up next break and left.
Don't know why he did not try to help me any more

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Thank You

Thanks for a great read early in the morning. Many times I have found myself in your shoes and just wanted to throttle the source of my aggravation. 

While it may not be of any use to you, I found myself chuckling as I read your story. What is it they say, "Misery loves company." I think those that have been "helped" by such professional Rangemasters will see the jocularity in your post, but I could be wrong about that. I myself found it humorous and just what I needed to start my day.

Thanks again and happy shooting.



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You got some Cheap Entertainment there!

You got some Cheap Entertainment there!   

Going to the range is always enteraineing.  I prefer to shoot alone, but one of the ranges I go to frequently has other shooters there.  It is always entertaining.  Everyone likes to give advice and help others out.  Far fewer people actually WANT advice, but every now and then you can teach or learn and that is always pleasant.  Last time I gave advice at the range a friend was getting ready to send his second scope back because he couldn't adjust it far enough on a left / rit axis.  The gun was shooting to teh left with the scope's turret adjustments already maxed out to correct it.  When I was asked for advice (and this is when you SHOULD give advice) I took hold of teh scope to show my friend where to adjust the mounts instead of the turrets.  When I did the scope wobbled in my hand.  He had never tightened the mounts having ASSumed that they were ready to go because they were attached to the rifle from the factory.  Yeah he should have known better.  But these things happen and its times like that that advice really is useful. 

Sounds to me like your range is way too crowded for comfort though.  You might want to look for a less crowded space to practice plinking.  But that's just my 2 cents.....Mike


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Know Alls

I'v been shooting and hunting for 48 yrs. I'v had the same problem to. Like anything else if the info is helpfull , I listen( always good to learn new tricks). But most times , It's a know it all. Sightinng a muzzle loader for elk one time many yrs ago, old side locks. I'm using 110 grain blk powder on a 54 cal hawkins, guy next to me said it's all wrong, I should use his load of 225 grains. I don't think so.!

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Know it alls

Yeah I hate going to gun ranges there is always at least one "know it all" who is annoying as the day is long.  I am lucky enough to have the space out my basement door for a 100yd and 50 yd target(s).  So the only person to bother me when I shoot is me.

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Bird, great story and for sure you hit a few points right on the head. Sorry I too had to laugh a little at the story only because I could feel your pain from years earlier. It got so bad years ago I really hated going to the range. My fix was calling the range and finding the slowest part of their day and tried to fit it into my time. It did not always work but it helped. Finally I was lucky and solved the problem with the best solution of all. I bought 40 acres and set up my own little range. No I did not buy the land just for a range but it sure was a nice added bonus. It is so much more relaxed, can shot from an position and no BS to deal with. Tanks for the story and hope it gets better for you.

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I do most of my shooting on

I do most of my shooting on BLM lands for this very reason. Fortunately I have many places I can go too shoot without interruption this way. On the occasions I need to use a real range like when mounting a new scope or something I just go early as soon as it opens. My local range is not really monitored and if you get there at 7 in the morning when it's first open for use I usually never see another person. Just avoid the weekends or the last week before hunting season.

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I can relate

I can somewhat relate to this story.  Occasionally I'll get a bench next to a shooter who is an over enthused novice with plenty of advice to offer that he got off the internet.  I almost want to tell these types that I've forgotten more over the years than they've learned about guns, but instead I try to keep patient with those types.  I figure if nobody is being a real A-Hole about it I just let things slide.  Some people just like to feel important by hearing themselves talk.

The only real annoying issues I've occasionally had are guys who I don't know at a range asking if they can shoot my guns.  I don't know why people want to shoot my stuff who don't know me.  I don't hand over my guns to people I don't know. 

The biggest annoyance I had was just a few weeks prior to 9/11 back in '01 while at a local range.  Crowded due to hunter sight-in.  One guy was assigned to share a bench with me  who turned out to be one of the bigger a-holes I'd ever come across.  He was shooting a Weatherby in some large bore safari caliber, but his rifle was wearing a cheap .99 cent tasco scope.  Regardless the guy acted as if he was American royalty.  Seemed to show no regard to me that I was at the bench first and he was simply sharing it with me.  After complimenting him on his groups he arrogantly and insultingly told me that his was a high-end rifle not some cheap piece of junk rifle like I was shooting (my old Remington 700BDL topped with a Leupold Vari-X II chambered in .30-06).  Evidently he didn't notice that my groups were sub MOA and much tighter than his.  But he likely assumed that since I was shooting a so-called piece of junk then my groups were not worth him noticing. lol

I had asked the Range officer to sit him at another bench for his own safety.  The range office asked why?  I said he's insulting me and being an a-hole for no reason and to move him for his own safety.  Even after he left the shooters to the left and right of my bench stopped, looked at me with a smirk and both commented on how big of an a-hole that guy was. One even commented on how the guy had a high $$$$ rifle with a piece if junk scope, and asked who did he think he was? Those guys said I was a lot more patient than they would have been.  For me it's best not to let emotions go haywire when guns are involved and that's the only reason I was so polite.

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I went to a public shooting

I went to a public shooting range like that one one time...ONE time.  Although my experince was not nearly as bad as yours but I still had someone that would just not mind his own buisness.  Finally I think he just got tired of hearing himself talking and he finally just shut up.

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people at range

Except for the one incident I noted above, for the most part at every shooting range I've been to I find nearly all shooters to be pretty well behaved and well mannered.  It's about the only male dominated place you can go where almost all the guys there are on their best behavior. At least as far as attitude goes.  It's funny how every brand new shooter I've ever intoduced to shooting comments with total amasment about the same observation at shooting ranges.  You don't see that type of well mannered behavior at bars, football games, or other male dominated events. I think when everyone is armed and everyone knows it, then everyone tends to be cool with one another.  Just as the famous saying goes: God created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal. All the more proof that a well armed society in a civilized free developed country, is a polite society.  Proof that when people are well armed, others are far less likely to act with violence or insult agaist them.

At ranges I don't mind it when people talk or even try too share a little friendly information they may have picked up or figure out.  That doesn't bother me at all.  I often do the same thing myself with other shooters I talk too when certain subjects come up.  What really annoys me not only at ranges but everywhere including at work are those type who talk and talk and never shut up.  They talk on and on, but never really say anything. The types who think they sound more important if they keep rambling on about stuff.  The types who always seem to have advice to offer when nobody needs it.  The people who are always trying to be the leader.  I guess I have little patience for those types because I'm the type of person who keeps his own council, doesn't talk out of turn, and confident enough in my own abilities and knowledge that I do not need (or want) someone trying to be my leader. 

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Whole heartedly agree.

But then I guess I don't know how people act at ranges since I have not been to one since I stopped shooting competatively a good number of years ago.

My loading bench is 20 paces from my range, I am fortunate in that respect.


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