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Ump Attacks

What is up with these Ump attacks?

Isn't your life hitting new lows when you actually think it would be a good idea to run out on a field and deck an ump? These guys are nuts....

As punishment I think the attackers should be strapped to the backstop and let the umps shoot baseballs at 'em from a batting machine. One fast ball coming up!

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Ump Attacks

Just another sign of societies decline.

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Ump Attacks

Whatever happened to a nice day out at the baseball field. Remembering back to the time when I use to dabble in baseball, there were always confrontations with the umps, but it never ended in blows.

"Dybas" must have some mental problems or just had a few to many brews in the hot summer sun. When did kicking back and popping cracker jacks turn into running across the field in combat style and giving the umpire a beating of the century for a bad call.

Bitmasher had a good idea to let the umpires shoot baseballs at him, but I think it should be taken one step further. After pelting him with baseballs, make good'ol Dybas go hotdog to hotdog with the glutton bowl king, and then throw him in prison for his five year sentence!!

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