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Ugly bear and more pics.....

Here are the pics for the week of June 14th. They are in the order of the pics taken. Have 3 new bears coming onto site. The first pic is of the black trying to get to the sock that has sardines in it.One ugly rubbed out little bear. Another same color as the rubbed bear and the black might be the same though. The last pic is the bear that ate my cam. It tore it open and broke one of the things that hold the cam on. and one of the deals that hold it closed. So put my other cam up. But I put it another 2' higher in the tree. I also dropped another 2 barrells of meat in there. That was about 6 trips in with pack frame. By myself.
At least all the bears are coming in around 130 and 200 pm. I have a soffit and fascia job 10 miles from my bait site. Will be taking my son up with me and will try to nail one of them bears. I wont let him shoot the ugly one though.LOL So hopefully it will work out for him. I will be leaving maybe Tuesday to go up for the job.

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Ugly bear and more pics.....

Good luck, looks like you definitely have activity.

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