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The TYS Wish list

Here's the wish list.

TYS needs two people with a legal background to work on the non profit organization filing.

We need about 20 people to help sell these raffle tickets. This is what you have a chance of winning!!

Thompson Center Omega Thumbhole Rifle - Stainless/Laminate The reliability and easy cleaning of Thompson Center's patented pivoting action is now available with a gray laminated wood thumbhole stock and a 28" fluted stainless steel barrel for enhanced all-weather performance and slick aesthetics. Pick up this muzzleloader and you'll instantly be amazed by its natural balance and the way the stock cradles your thumb in a super-stable shooting position. Barrel's fluted design keeps weight to a minimum and cools faster after firing hot 150-grain loads, and the 1- in-28" twist makes it easy to punch tiny three-shot groups with modern projectiles. The pivoting action completely seals the 209 primer within the breech for flawless protection from the elements and 100% positive ignition. When it's time to clean, there's no breech assembly to remove and scrub. Adjustable steel sights with fiber-optic inserts for the ultimate in durability and low-light precision. .50 caliber.

We need two volunteers to help administer the youth hunter reward program. (Packaging, mailing
and recording data.)

We need one volunteer to help us post our programs on other websites.

We need two volunteers to answer emails and other inquiries.

We need a volunteer with a journalism or other writing backgorund to write press releases and
other items.

We need someone with some phone solicitaiton background or is simply at ease with speaking to companies on the phone to contact sporting goods companies for merchandise donations.

We need people that are willing to work trade show booths in regional areas.

We need a few people that are willing to donate a day to a youth hunting day. (Which will take some volunteers to set that up).

you can visit our web site @

if you have any questions or would like to help you can email me anytime @
[email protected]

thanks Brad