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Type of Rifle for Kansas

What rifle is a good big game gun for out in the state of Kansas. Is a 270 or 30 06 good for that area or do you need something with better range and hitting power. Where I live at in the Kentucky hills the 30 30 has enough range in most cases.

I once live at Carbondale, Kansas when I was stationed at Forbes AFB and I married and then divorce a woman from there. Good people there.

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Type of Rifle for Kansas

The 06 will do you plenty good. I see quite a variety used around here by my buddies...243, .264, 7mag, 06, 30-30...a little bit of everything. The 45-70 has been my choice for several years now. Don't know the country you'll be hunting but that ole 30-30 would probably do ya. Granted there is plenty of wide open...way I look at it though...if a person does their homework you won't have to take them long shots around here.