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tx resident lookin for a big cat

Ive always wanted to shoot a big cat and just wonderin if anyone knew somewhere i could try and hunt without going broke, no guides or anything just a good percentage of a kill. thanks for any info

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tx resident lookin for a big cat

bare min you will need a dog handler and hounds if you want any percentage of chance on a cat hunt.

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tx resident lookin for a big cat

I live in the Stephenville area, and myself and some hunting buddies have seen tracks along the Bosque River some 20 miles to the south of us. After talking to area ranchers and folks who grew up in the area there have been two confirmed killed in the last probably 6-8 years.

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tx resident lookin for a big cat

Find someone with dogs. While it is possilbe to shoot a cat when you are looking for one you have a better chance of getting struck by lighting.
The Odds:
looking for cat 2% chance
looking for cats with a pack of trained dogs 50-75% over 5 days

Good luck with you hunt!

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tx resident lookin for a big cat

The chance of one or two dogs getting mauled 50 to 75% chance lol.

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