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Two Coyotes With One Shot

I managed to get out for a little calling and coyote ambushing the other day and netted four before having to come home and help a friend with a project. The day started off with a fumble fingered disaster but ended on a high note when I took two coyotes with one shot.

I won't bore you with the "ordinary" kills but here's the story on the "extra-ordinary" one:

For the last stand of the day I hit a spot that has always been good to me, and since the e-caller was running a perfect record used it again. The view from my perch on a side hill was great and I watched cattle and birds for twenty minutes, but no coyotes. As I was thinking of shutting it down, a coyote appeared about half-a-mile away on the other side of the cattle but with no interest in my tunes. He moved off out of sight and it got me to wondering if there was something already dead out there, that had the coyotes monopolized. There was a little more bird activity where he'd come from, but not enough to entice me to make that long walk through deep snow. That is, until the unmistakable ki-yi of one coyote getting thrashed by another came drifting across the cattle to me.

That did it, I made the walk, ended up spotting coyotes gathered near the far tree line and moved up to a viable shooting position. Getting there without being scented required an approach across a bare field but it got me into a stable sitting position, 114 yards from where a couple of coyotes were nosing around in the remains of a straw bale. I watched them for a few minutes trying to figure out what was so interesting (I couldn't see anything dead) and develop a plan. They were only a few steps from the tree line, so I knew I'd only get one shot and had pretty much resigned myself to getting only one fur.

One looked healthy and blond, the other dark and scrawny. So I lined up on the pretty one, but he kept moving. And then the scrawny one found something interesting in the straw and Pretty-Boy ran over to have a look. They were side-by-side, almost touching, and broadside to me; with the closest a little further back. I recognized it as a chance for a double (maybe from all my gopher shooting), put the crosshairs on the neck of the closest dog and squeezed off.

The shot was good and #1 dropped into the straw and stayed there. Number 2 went down but then bounced back up and made it into the trees. A third coyote I hadn't seen, ran off with him. I hustled over to where he'd vanished and found him down just inside the trees, where he required a finishing shot. Also inside the trees, and not visible to me, was a half-eaten dead cow. I suspect there were several more coyotes at the cow and the two I shot were waiting their "turn" at the table.

That wrapped up the day for me, with the pain of having to quit early diluted by the knowledge I'd taken two yotes with one shot. This was a first for me and I'm sure it'll be a while before I get to do that again, if ever. A friend of mine did it once, recognizing the opportunity for what it was and taking the shot with the hope he'd get two. I believe he was deer hunting at the time as he had something bigger than a 22 center-fire in his hands. My double was done with a 243 Winchester shooting 90gr Nosler Ballistic Tips. It punched neatly through the neck of the first coyote and did a lot of damage to the second, but hit too far back, thus requiring the finisher. And yes, I deliberately aimed for the neck of the close one to put the bullet as far forward as possible on the second.

Has anyone else done a double?

(I'm blogging my hunts this year at coyoteschool.blogspot.com and there are more pictures there)

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That's cool, I've never even heard of anyone doubling on coyotes with one shot before.  Well done!

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Nice Shot!

That was a nice shot - an opportunity that I'll bet not often presents itself, and even more rarely comes off successfully.

I have never hunted predators, but from watching Fred Eichler and Les Johnson on their TV shows, it looks like a blast!

Congrats, triggerpress!

BTW - I really like your name - it's the way I like to shoot. I don't jerk and I don't squeeze - I press the trigger.


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Way cool!

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