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twist in 7m08

looked at T/c hunter has 1:9 twist,T/c icon 1:12 . basic same guns,same cal 7m08. why the big difference in twist, I was told 1:9 for 140gr and smaller, 1:12 for 140gr plus. But if U look, every brand is 140 gr , give or take there is no varaty of different gr of bullet. So all help and wisdom needed, confused but not lost.thanks to all.

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twist rate

Well, that certainly is a significant difference in ROT within one manufacture. I took a look at the T/C site and actually could not find the Icon listed in 7/08. I did see the Venture chambered in 7/08 and the claim of 1:9" twist rate.

I could not find any numbers for the rate in either the regular Encore or the Encore Pro Hunter. I certainly find it odd, as you do, when most all the commercial loads available for the 7/08 are in the 140gr range with only a couple 120s available and 1 each in 150 and 168gr, to have such a big difference within a single manufacturer.   Huh?


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tc venture 1:9/tc weather warrior 1:12, why is there difference in twist .::

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I have no idea why there is a

I have no idea why there is a difference, perhaps a typo.  Call T/C, they'll answer your questions.

You have it reversed, the faster the twist for heavier bullets, slower twist for smaller bullets.  While I don't know the precise recommendations for weight/twist in 7mm-08, it seems 1:9 would be for 140gr and heaver, 1:12 for less than 140gr.

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