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TV shows

I am always hearing about how the quality of whitetail in this region. On TV all the states that are talked about are in these areas. Are these places really that great for creating monster whitetails? If you ask me monster whitetails can be seen and grown anywhere!

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Well, yes and no.  Alot goes

Well, yes and no.  Alot goes into it.  Are you talking about just antler size or body or both?  The middle of the country, the breadbasket so to say, is sort of the melting pot for both traits.  In the north, where you are and where I am from, the deer need extra fat reserves for winter.  More of their nutrition goes into body mass than it does into antlers.  Plus, the available nutrition is not as good as it is in Kansas, Illinois, etc.  Down in Texas, say, the deer do not need nearly the body mass to get through the winter.  Plus, there is alot of supplemental feeding.  Due to this, the deer can naturally funnel the nutrients into rack growth.  Don't be fooled with shows like Bucks of Tecamate and such when they claim they just shot a 200 lb deer.  That's live weight, not dressed like we get in the north. 

Now, let's move to the mid-point of the country, your original question.  There is an overabundance of feed, hence the name "Breadbasket" or "Grainbelt".  So, the deer get tons and tons of natural food.  Plus, the winters can be pretty darn cold in those parts, so the buck also has to develop body mass.  That is why you can see 200 lb (dressed) deer with 160+ class racks occur.

I could also get into the whitetail subspecies, but that's another story.  Here is a good read if you want to get into that.



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To copy a wise man, yes and

To copy a wise man, yes and no.  There are monster deer here in the midwest, but monster deer can be found anywhere.  The B&C record is from SK and the non typical is from MO.  I think that the deer live in an area that is plentiful of grain for them to eat.  This helps them to get big, but also, KS has worked hard to have a program that produces big bucks.  You can only take one buck here.

I've seen whitetail in some of the southern states and they are puny.  If you come to Kansas, IL or IA will you shoot a monster?  Probably not, but you'll have an opportunity because they are here. One final point - i think that you have more deer management here and in TX so the odds of bigger bucks are greater.  Lee and Tiffany have a farm in IA and they take big bucks but I think they work hard to grow those bucks and they don't take young ones.

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