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Turkeys in Northwest Oregon???

I have lived, hiked, camped and hunted in the many parts of Northwest Oregon for over 25 years.

Never once have I seen or heard a turkey.

For several years, I have been told that turkeys have been spotted locally, specifically in the Santiam unit located in Clackamas County, I found this hard to believe as our thick forests just don't seem like typical turkey range.

And then, last week while walking a back woods logging road, I rounded a bend and there, right in the middle of the road were 6 turkeys.

After doing a little research I found the link below that states Oregon has been planting a Rio Grande subspecies here since the mid 1980's.

Has anyone else heard or seen any turkey activity in the PNW?



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I have found turkey in the

I have found turkey in the santiam unit, usally in the lower elevations, I have seen them down by the sandy river near sandy too.

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