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Turkey Season

The last couple of springs for turkey hunting have been on the declined. I did fill my tags but there wasn’t as much action as there used to be. It seems to me that the turkeys are starting to mate sooner and by the time turkey season starts witch in NY is May 1st the turkeys aren’t strutting and chasing hens and are not reacting to turkey calling compared to previous years. I believe that if NY moved there turkey season earlier, many more hunters would be successful. What do you guys think about this?   

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If that is truly happening

If that is truly happening biologically within the turkey populations then I think that would definitely be the best option if a higher harvest is desired. If you are trying to build your populations up than you might not want to go with that option at this point. On a different note, I think there are a lot of old timers out there that do not even think that turkeys should be hunted during the spring at all. They claim that it is too easy to hunt them. I know, I know... I don't think that it is exactly easy either but that is the opinion of some people. One of my grandpas included. That is just old school stance I guess.

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We have a very healthy

We have a very healthy population turkey population here.  So healthy that farmers and ranchers complain to their legislators about it and want more turkeys killed.

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