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Turkey Hunting for First Time

Went out today for the first time.

Lots of turkey all around, but only two hens came by. I had fun talking turkey with two Toms. I had them gobbling, but couldn't get them to come in. Finally tried to stalk up on them, but no sucess.

I used a Primos box call and was pleased with the results considering it was the first time out. I've been watching turkey hunts on tv trying to pick up calling tips. It would have been awesome to have called one of them in.

Maybe Saturday.

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Turkey Hunting for First Time

I'll tell you what I do: most of the time, I just do my tree yelps, right at first light before I hear any birds fly down; then I just wait. If you get a gobbler in front of you, do not do too much calling; simply cluck enough to get him looking your way and then let him do the rest of the work. If you call a lot, his expectations will be high, and when he sees nothing, he will get suspicious and refuse to come any closer.

When hens are joining up with your target gobblers immediately after flydown, you must shift tactics. Try roosting the birds at dusk and then returning an hour or two before first light in a position where you know they will be within range, and when the gobbler flies down and is in position, shoot.

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Turkey Hunting for First Time

What part of Kansas you hunting?

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