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Turkey hunter's desktop

A unique, hand-made, solid oak turkey call pencil case. The call is realistic to the smallest detail - even the striker has the curved face of a real call. It does work, but I won't guarantee that it will call in a wild turkey, although I'm pretty sure that if you try it in the office, there will be turkeys that come running. The call is 11 inches long by 3 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high and is finished in a matte varnish.

Makes a great conversation piece and looks great on a desk. Order more than 1 and save on shipping. If you are looking for a specific finish, size, or wood type, drop us a note - we'll be happy to custom-make one to your specifications. Also available with a gold- or silver-tone engraved plaque.

I can also make a business-card case in the same style. I am presently working to design a slate call in which the striker is a pen, but have not finalized the product.

turkey call 1.JPG
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