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Turkey decoys question

Hi everyone, I am a beginner in turkey hunting and I am just beginning to build my own strategy. I've been at several turkey hunts already with friends of mine. People say different things about turkey hunt, and some people are also newbies and haven't got a lot of experience to advise, you know. That's the reason why I registered here and why I believe it's better to ask you folks, as you definitely know, what you are talking about. Anyways, can someone tell me, how to select turkey decoys? Which of them work and which don't? Does the price really matter and whether those $100+ decoys are better, than $25 ones? I was looking at these ones and the price difference is huge. And how many of these you need? I understand that the number of decoys depends on the area where you plan on hunting, but what's the number in general? Thanks, any insight is appreciated!

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