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Turkey calls: What works and when it works???

I need some advice from you more experienced turkey hunters.  My son and I are trying to learn the art of turkey calling.  We got the calls down pretty good.  The trick is we don't know when to use each call or sound.  I would appreciate any advice from you pro turkey guys out there.  I have no idea when to rasp, cut, gobble or any of it.  Thanks.

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turkey calls

If you have an android, I've used an app called "TurkeyCawl" that seems to be the best one I've ran accross.   The app has information about calls; it will tell you witch call to use during what season, plus it has timers that are very useful.  It will teach you the most important turkey calls. 

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turkey call box

It is my own home made on the base of plan pictur. It was sucsess in my first seasson for my first gobbler in this year.

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