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Try again Friday

Gonna head out with the bow again Friday and try for my first archery deer.  I figure after 16-17 years of hunting with a bow, I will get one sometime, no?


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You are more dedicated than I am.

I tried it for a year or two and gave up.  Missed a real nice buck (shot over his back) and lost a doe who turned at the sound of the string being released (my arrow hit her butt).  I HATE wounding game that I don't recover and that ebded my bow hunting.  I just decided that it wasn't for me. 

Maybe I'll try it again someday but not any time soon. Conside rit all the more bow hunting opportunity for you guys.  When I gave up bow hunting I started chasing waterfowl instead and man do I ever enjoy that more.  There is just something more satisfying about watching birds rain down in front of your shotgun than in watching a deer run away from my clumbsy attempts with a pointy stick and string. 

Good luck out there!  If you stick with it, you will get one sooner or later whether it is this year or next!


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