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Trophy Texas Aoudad (Free-Range Mountain Hunt)!!!!!!

Aoudad Hunting
We are a small operation that specializes in Aoudad Sheep hunts. We are very passionate about chasing Aoudad Sheep, we belive that hunting aoudad is by far the most challenging hunt in Texas and is a worthy opponet for any big-game hunter. Aoudad hunting for us is about comraderie, challenges, breathtaking views and most of all an adventure you will treasure for a lifetime!. We pride ourselves in our guides and our lands. Our guides are all very accomplished aoudad hunter themselves and love the hunt just as much as our clients do. Our guides will always extend every effort in thier power to make every hunt a succesful one. The properties we have the honor to hunt are conservation focused wildlife oasis' . Although the aoudad are free range our ranches are rich in resources the aoudad thrive on such as protien feeders, food plots, water and most of all the rugged terain that aoudad love to call home. Our Success rate is ussually over 90% but don't be confused this is not a shoot it is hunt and a challenging one at that. Our hunts are limited on each property and we operate on a first come first serve basis. When you call us about a hunt we will be honest and truthful and make sure our hunt is what you are looking for. If our hunt isn't what your looking for we will either do what we can to adjust and suit a hunt to your needs or we will refer you to a trusted outfitter or ranch that fits your needs. We are excited to help you find your hunt of a lifetime whether you book with us we are here to help.
3 Ranches to chose from!
(1x1) $2795-$3495
(2x1) $2595-$3295
Brandt Buchanan
Bar-B-Diamond Outfitters


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Joined: 11/26/2011
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We just updated our website with a new domain at www.barbdiamondoutfitter.com

your best bet for trophy Texas free-range guided Aoudad ram hunts at an affordable price